Limited Edition-@Abbie Chatfield

Limited Edition-@Abbie Chatfield

$28.95 AUD


While Body lotions,creams & Moisturisers will absolutely leave your skin hydrated,our oils wil provide that extra hit of moisture

that your body craves. With Fast absorbing ingredients,not to mention stunning Aussie made fragrances to rival your perfume collectionour new breed of luxury oils pretty much blows any other all-over body moisturiser out of the water!

Cute AF and floralled with jasmine bud flowers while warmly scented with the richness of bergamot, magnolia, complimented by the floral touches of jasmine and finished with the mystical aroma of musk.

This is your chance to buy now or cry later... this is not a drill! ?

SCENT: Bergamot, Magnolia, Jasmine + Musk


Apricot Kernal Oil,Macadamia Oil,Avocado OilVitamin E,Florals